Good oral hygiene is important — anyone who’s ever been kissed can attest to that. But while you hope your little one won’t be kissed for roughly the next 30 years, establishing proper oral care is a must with your children while they’re young.

That’s why at Mountainland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, we want to help the teeth-brushing (and eventually flossing) training goes as calmly as it can for you and your family. We hope that with these tips, they’ll learn to love practicing dental hygiene.

-Get them to use the correct-sized toothbrush for them. A child can do their best brushing once they have a smaller toothbrush with soft bristles, since their mouth and gums are budding and particularly sensitive.-Don’t use too much toothpaste. Using too large an amount – or in some cases any – can make children gag, so never apply any more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to their brush.-Let it be exciting! Let your child to dance, listen to songs or do other things they like to do while brushing their teeth.

Using teeth-brushing as a penalty can often lead to phobia or oral neglect later on in life, so try to make the experience as positive as possible for your child.

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