Dr. Matt Swan joyfully offers infant dentistry services in Lehi, Utah. We understand the worries of parents regarding their little ones’ oral growth and development. By providing early infant oral care, we enable you to comprehend your child’s evolving requirements, ensuring they receive the necessary care at Mountainland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics and in their home routines for a delightful and healthy smile. To schedule an appointment with our skilled pediatric dentists and explore the world of infant dentistry, please call (801) 766-2111 today.

It is essential for all infants to receive daily oral cleaning. To do this, use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe your baby’s gums, eliminating any remaining formula or milk and preventing the buildup of bacteria.

Teeth typically start to emerge through the gumline around 6 months of age and continue to appear gradually until around the age of 3. Once teeth begin to emerge, it is time to introduce a soft-bristle baby toothbrush to clean your infant’s teeth. For children under the age of 2, use a small smear of child-safe toothpaste. After the age of 2, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is recommended. Ensure you clean your child’s teeth at least twice a day. We advise parents to brush and floss their child’s teeth until around the age of 7, when their motor skills have developed enough for independent brushing.

When your child has teeth, it is important to avoid giving them a bottle filled with juice or sweetened liquids before bed. If they require a bottle, fill it with water only, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Teething can cause discomfort for your baby. You can help alleviate their discomfort by providing a chilled teething ring and gently wiping their gums with a cold washcloth before and after meals.

Once your child’s teeth start to emerge, it is recommended to schedule a “well-baby” appointment with a pediatric dentist. These dentists have specialized training to provide dental care for infants and young children, ensuring their health and proper development.

If you have any inquiries regarding early infant oral care, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.