No matter how great you are at helping your kids brush and floss on a regular basis, kids are incredibly prone to develop cavities in their baby teeth. From their love of sugar to them simply forgetting to brush or floss, it’s easy for younger kids to get a cavity.

When this happens, you’ll obviously be worried about the best way to handle the situation. Kids already aren’t fond of the dentist – so how can you help them through a dental filling?

Let’s see what Dr. Matt Swan and their team here at Mountainland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics in Lehi, Utah, have to say.

Be relaxed

As a parent it’s important that you don’t express any undue worry. Kids are very observant and can catch on to your anxiety. So if you’re nervous for your kids, it’s important to hide that anxiety and pretend that you’re not worried.

Stay positive

This refers a bit to the above advice, but mostly what we’re talking about here is placing more focus on your tone, your language, and how you say things to your child. Telling them that they’re teeth have to get fixed because they didn’t brush isn’t the best way to make a filling go well. Instead, tell them the dentist will just fix their teeth.

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