Oral health care is essential at all ages, but especially for infants. As infants are still too young care for themselves, you may have to brush and care for your child’s teeth and mouth until they old enough to do the job effectively. This includes preventing problems like baby bottle tooth decay. Consider the following prevention tips.

– The liquid from a drink can collect in your child’s mouth as he sleeps, contributing to baby bottle tooth decay, so remove the bottle during nap time or give your child water.– Tooth decay can be the result of exposure to new bacteria from your mouth to your child by using the same toothbrush or cleaning their bottle tops with your mouth. Make sure to wash every bottle top or pacifier before giving one to your child; and never share toothbrushes.– A child’s mouth is at risk for baby bottle tooth decay from drinks like sodas, juices, sugar water, and sports drinks.– Even if it helps your child to drink from their bottle, do not cover the bottle top in any form of sugary substance, including honey.– Baby bottle tooth decay can begin to show up as soon as the first tooth in your child’s mouth appears above the gum line, which often occurs when the child is half a year old.

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