Our oral health care habits fall into all categories regarding our tooth and gum care. Not only must we protect our teeth from seemingly invisible dangers that lurk in our mouths, but we also must take heed of all dangers that are in plain sight. Some of the foods and drinks we consume could spell disaster in a variety of ways. Listed below are some oral health care suggestions on foods and substances to watch out for:

– Giant pieces of hard candy or foodstuffs can break your child’s teeth. Don’t go overboard with hard food products.– Although chewing on ice may seem safe and healthy as it is only frozen water, the truth is that your child can easily chip or crack their teeth on ice cubes.– Try to avoid sugary drinks and foods. Bacteria can build up on your child’s teeth in a layer called plaque, which can convert the sugars from foods and drinks into destructive acids that can eat through tooth enamel and cause cavities.– Never let your child use their teeth to open soda cans or bottles. Doing so can knock out the teeth very easily.

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