Is your child nervous to start losing their teeth? If so, your child isn’t alone. Many children in the world today are scared to shed their baby teeth. They’re afraid it might hurt and they’re afraid they won’t have permanent teeth grow in after them. Fortunately, there are things you can do as a parent to make this process a little easier and more fun. Our dentist, Dr. Matt Swan, is happy to tell you how!

First, tell your child about the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy is a kind fairy who loves children who lose their baby teeth. When a tooth is lost, she visits the child, takes the tooth, and leaves a treasure behind. All your child needs to do is place the tooth in a sandwich bag and put it under their pillow before they go to sleep at night!

Second, have your child create a door sign for the Tooth Fairy. This door sign will tell the Tooth Fairy that there is a little chomper ready for pickup. You can print a door sign from the American Dental Association’s website and have your child color and decorate it.

Third, ask the Tooth Fairy to leave a tooth receipt. You can also access the receipts on the ADA’s website. This receipt asks for the child’s name, child’s age, the date of collection, the number of teeth, and the payment that was left. There is even a section on the bottom for a special note from the Tooth Fairy. Once she fills out the receipt, she can leave it under your child’s pillow along with the special treasure!

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